5 Qualities To Look For In A Nanny

If you’re reading this, you’ve proven yourself responsible enough that you won’t leave your child with just anyone. You have standards when evaluating Chicago nannies. To keep your child safe and happy, and maintain your sanity, these are five qualities to look for in a nanny.


Nannies have to be on time. Jobs are lost and opportunities missed if you’re continually arriving to work late. “My nanny slept in because she went to a rave last night,” is not a valid excuse for work. You need a nanny who will come in despite being at a rave last night. If you wanted someone unreliable, you would’ve hired your neighbor’s second cousin’s best friend.

Likes kids

Being trapped with the mean lady who’d rather be eating concrete than play with your kid is an awful experience. You might traumatize your kid. You wouldn’t want to do that, right? Hopefully, you didn’t think about that for too long.

Activities run smoother, and everyone is happier when a nanny enjoys the company of children.


Children tend to take a calendar year to clean up, put on their shoes, use the potty, or walk to anywhere they’re going. They will assume responsibility when they’re late, of course. No? Right, it’s the nanny’s fault, and they aren’t shy about pointing the finger.

There will be days when your little angel doesn’t resemble the innocent creature you popped out. Maybe there are too many of those days to count.

In any case, you’ll need someone with the emotional control to deal with the situation in a calm fashion, but a firm hand.


The day is long when it involves dealing with children. There are things you need to know. How your child’s day went before your arrival might be the reason he’s screaming at your audacious attempt to get a hug. How could you?

Communication goes both ways. Your nanny will need to follow your instructions to the letter. Make sure she understands the needs of you and your child.

Experience with kids

Your prospective nanny doesn’t need formal education and training. You’d be in good hands if your nanny helped raise her eight brothers and sisters, assuming most of them turned out okay. Chicago nannies with experience know what activities are necessary to keep your little one active and engaged. They also have fantastic backup activities for when that first one inexplicably fails.

Make sure she has any specific training you find essential. That could include knowing how to administer medication for children with severe allergies or having CPR certification.

You’ve got this

Entrusting your child to a person is such an important decision. Be confident that this person will be there when you need them, and not just when they need a paycheck.