How to Make a Kitchen Island out of Base Cabinets

In today’s design savvy era, modern kitchen cabinets offer lot of new and innovative possibilities. As with any other areas of your house, there are new trends in materials and design that makes your kitchen stylish, distinctive, and more modern. Cabinets offer everything from the feel and look to the durability and functionality of your home; so, if you are in the market for new stylish kitchen cabinets or for that room addition los angeles style,  these are few latest trends that you’d want to benefit from during your redesign.

* modern maple cabinets- Kitchen cabinets are made using wide range of woods. The top choice is maple, which has a smooth grain pattern that looks beautiful. Best of all, it both paints and stains well. It is a hard wood that is very durable, so cabinets made from maple will last for years and would damage less. Maple has a natural lighter tone and blends well with everything from dark countertops to white appliances.

* Pull-out doors- These are new swinging doors. Instead of having kitchen cabinet doors that open to the sides and then reveal the inner shelf or two, these kitchen cabinet doors design compartments pull the entire area out of the wall containment or from below the counter using an effortless roller system. They contain lots of holders for your trash bins, racks for storing spices, canned good and convenient compartments for pans and pots.

* Open-faced cabinets- Till few years back, most of the kitchen cabinets had closed doors that hid all its contents. If you had beautiful family heirlooms or wedding china, they were stored safely, but were not seen. Today, modern kitchen cabinets have doors with glass panels, or retractable panels that allow you to keep them chic and also stock your kitchen wares where everybody can admire them.

* Luxurious finishing touches-If you’re after luxury, just a little research in what’s possible might surprise and delight you. The modern kitchen cabinets have finishing touches identical to those on expensive architectural designs and opulently carved furniture. Arched tops, ornate feet, inlays and intricate carvings, decorative molding and bas reliefs all lend a look of elegance and sophistication to custom kitchen cabinets that have been commissioned by a talented woodworker.

* Out of sight appliances-Unless you have a spacious kitchen, earlier cabinet designs did not afford much room to successfully hide all your appliances. Now, kitchen cabinets make it easy to hide all your kitchen appliances. Custom built modern kitchen cabinets can hide toasters, coffee makers, trash compactors or dishwashers and can make your kitchen feel less cramped and more attractive. Now you can even hide your refrigerator behind the closed doors if you are the type who keeps your guests guessing!