How To Make New Paint Match Old Paint On A Car After Scratches

There are many greedy paint eating contaminants like acid rain and birds waiting to wear out your car paint once you get it off the showroom. No

matter how hard you try, it is almost next to impossible to maintain your car initial original paint. In a matter of days or weeks, you will find dents, scratches, and dings on your new car. However, just because it is impossible to avoid scratches does not mean that you should learn to live with them. Small scratches on your car not only compromise the appearance of your car but it also leaves your car vulnerable to rust damage. If the affected area is smaller, then you can use touch up paint to fix the damage all by yourself. Below are simple tips on how to touch up car paint.

Wash the car

The first thing that you need to do is cleaning the area where the paint is scratched. Cleaning the area thoroughly will make it easy for you to identify spots that need to be touched up. In addition to that, it will also eliminate the risk of getting grime or dirt in the new paint. Clean the car using appropriate detergent then leave it to dry before you move the next the stage.

Remove Rust

Take a close look at the chipped area to check for rust. If you notice that there are rust spots, use sandpaper to remove them. Once you are done, wipe the area using a dry cloth to remove dust.

Apply grease remover to the area

It is very important to ensure that the fixed being is free from wax or grease. Grease cannot be eliminated by water and soap. Instead, a grease remover is used. You can get one at your local auto shop.

Sand the area

Sand the area to be fixed using sandpaper. The sandpaper will help to eliminate all lose paints, making the area soft and paint free.

Choose the exact paint color

Find out the exact paint color code of your car. Paint color code is usually written on the car mostly on the firewall, near VIN number or on the door jam. However if you cannot find it, then you can search online. Ensure that you buy the exact touch-up paint color for your car.

Apply the touch-up paint

Gently apply the touch-up paint on the chipped area. Apply at least 3 layers of touch up paint then allow it to dry for at least an hour.

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