I Need to Find a Temporary Home for my Dog

If you are traveling to a destination that does not allow pets you will have to leave your dog behind. This can be a challenge as you have to ensure that your dog is well taken care of when you are away. Dog boarding is the best solution.

When looking for a dog boarding facility you must ensure that all the needs of your pet will be addressed. You should tour all the dog boarding Orange County has to offer so that you can get a firsthand experience of the life that your dog will be living when you are away. Ensure that the kennels are neat and spacious enough to accommodate your dog. If you want your dog to enjoy a luxurious life you can choose a boarding facility that has rooms with dog beds.

Exercise is very important to the overall health and well being of your dog. The dog boarding in Orange County should provide an open space for dog walking. The dogs can be walked by the staff or they can have a fenced walking area.

The diet provided in dog boarding Orange County should be healthy. Most dogs will be affected by a sudden change of their food. You should enquire on whether you can bring your dog’s favorite food. If the dog boarding facility does not accept food from outside you should request them to give your dog the food that it likes. Give a list of all the foods that your dog can eat and those that it can’t eat.

Dog Boarding Orange County should be able to provide all the necessary health services that your dog needs. The facility should provide sufficient clean drinking water for all the dogs. They should also keep a daily log of the dog’s conditions. You should also ensure that they have a veterinarian to treat the dogs.

If the staff is unfriendly or they are not answering all your questions don’t leave your dog. If they cannot be polite to you don’t expect them to treat your dog in a better way. The dogs that are already living in the kennels should be relaxed and satisfied. The dogs may bark when they see you but the barking should subside.

Leaving your dog in any dog boarding Orange County will make your dog anxious. You can reduce the anxiety by taking the dog to board a few days before you travel. This calms your dog because you will not be in a hurry. You could also ask the facility to allow you to take the dog’s usual bedding and food. This will help to reduce your dog’s stress.

Ensure that there is no hidden charge in the overall cost. When you are leaving your dog never compromise quality so that you can get a cheap dog boarding in Orange County. However, you should always remember that the most expensive is not always the best. The quality of care that your dog receives should always come first.